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“One Hot Minute with Annabelle Kajbaf at NYFW” By Cyan Leigh Dacasin

18. октобар 2023.

| Stana Luković
Annabelle Kajbaf, a fashion journalist for Bayard Presse

While New York Fashion Week officially wrapped up, we can’t help but reminisce about the heady glitz and glamour that stormed the runways of fashion’s most coveted brands and the new rising names that are set to dominate the world with their innovative ideas towards the new fashion millennia.

But this year, in a remarkable twist of fate, it’s all about sustainability. NYFW’s roster for this year is debuting more than 30 sustainable fashion brands. It’s an exciting shift to behold because it reflects the growing trend in the industry. This time, sustainability is making headways for its social impact.

Amidst the chaos and hubbub of the week, we have Annabelle Kajbaf, a fashion journalist for Bayard Presse, on the ground covering stories, modelling for shows, and attending design showcases at ateliers while taking in the thriving energy and inspiration that comes from being in the Big Apple itself.

Anabel Kajbaf

Dress: Høst and Vår @hostandvar Coat: Fernando Lujan @studio72_mx Sunglasses: Sojos Vision @sojosofficial Jewelry: Pavé the Way @pavethewayjewelry Boots: Atelier de Charlotte @adc.charlotte

Annabelle’s career as a journalist has always been profoundly exciting. From bylining stories with Buzzfeed News and writing investigative pieces for other publications, it’s needless to say that she is a powerhouse journalist with a well-defined voice who has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

After months of planning and research, Annabelle’s recent project, Tell Me Mode, seeks to show the hush-hush side of the industry by striving to democratize the history that a majority of the public doesn’t know — brilliantly curated, the show itself combines creatives visuals and informative content for the new curious generation of fashion tastemakers and media shakers.

With her newest show, Tell Me Mode, on the rise and other exciting projects coming up, we were able to chat with Annabelle about the impact of sustainable fashion at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

In your opinion, why is NYFW a vital stepping stone for sustainable fashion this season?

Several sustainable brands made headlines for debuting in this year’s coveted fashion calendar, and several factors largely drove it. One of them is Hillary Taymour, the founder of Collina Strada, a known advocate for promoting sustainable fashion.

Annabelle Kajbaf

Dress: Monica Nera @monicanera Jewelry: Pavé the Way @pavethewayjewelry Shoes: Avem Shoes @avemshoes

An innate appreciation for this trend is growing globally, with Copenhagen Fashion Week taking that first step. This season, NYFW made their foray into the movement with the CFDA (The Council of Fashion Designers of America), encouraging all brands showcasing in New York to adopt eco-friendly practices such as conserving energy and reducing fashion event waste.

Name Your Top 5 Shows This Season

There were plenty of shows that were an absolute thrill to see! But on the top of my list has to be Fite Fashion by Michelle Fite. The overall aesthetic of the designer’s collection paired incredibly well with Pavé the Way Jewelry’s stunning pieces for fall. The cuffs and gold pebble necklace are a specific favourite of mine because of its unique craftsmanship.

Another show that I loved was Bevza’s return to NYFW. Svitlana combined subtle hints of sexiness in her polished and structural clothing. I loved the slits that showed up on the satin bralettes and trousers.

Francesca Cottone’s structured suits are always a pleasure to see on the runway. I admire the structured details that go hand-in-hand with her work. She also partnered with Nandanie Ties, an innovative women-owned tie brand that re-imagines the conventions of what we initially think of regarding ties.

Annabelle Kajbaf

Coat: Maya Seyferth @maya_seyferth_official Pants: Temple Ro @templerosf Jewelry Pavé the Way @pavethewayjewelry

Lastly, the bags from AKS were showstopping this season. The colorful woven bags were perfect as a touch of brightness for this season.

For the upcoming weeks of Fashion Month in London and Paris, which designers are you most looking forward to seeing on the runways?

There are plenty of designers that would catch my eye in the next few weeks, but I’m looking forward to seeing Viktoria Marchev and Maya Seyferth. Viktoria’s work with silicone rubber is known for utilizing the material in her collections, specifically this year at NYFW. I can’t wait to see what she’ll be doing for LFW.

Aside from her, I admire Maya Seyferth’s work; she is out there to become one of fashion’s most exciting talents and her precious designs demonstrate why she deserves it. Lastly, Sergazi Firenze in London, the Italian brand’s propensity for playing around with fabric and creating unique pieces of clothing, is divine. It would be one of my highlights for LFW.

Is 2023 finally the year for sustainable fashion? 

Yes, this is the time for sustainable fashion to take over. Over the years, the fashion industry’s reputation for wastefulness, pollution and exploitation of labour has been well documented, and this has been further exemplified by what we see in fast fashion chains such as SHE-IN.

Sustainability and beauty may not be mutually exclusive, but it should be. It’s time that we look past the idea that sustainable fashion is all about muted colours and frumpy designs because it’s not, and we saw that with several brands in NYFW, such as Fite Fashion, Mirror Palais, Grace Ling and more.

Annabelle Kajbaf

Dress: Maya Seyferth @maya_seyferth_official Coat: Høst and Vår @hostandvar Shoes: Atelier de Charlotte @adc.charlotte Jewelry: Pavé the Way @pavethewayjewelry

In a nutshell, what can you tell us about Tell Me Mode and what other projects do you have down the line?

Tell Me Mode is a fashion documentary series that serves to give more knowledge and tidbits about the industry that plenty of people don’t know about. It’s about breaking the barriers and bringing more knowledge to the youth and fashion lovers of any age. I initially began an episode with Denim and Marie-Antoinette to show how French fashion shaped the world of fashion and how we see it now.

We recently wrapped up with an episode called Flower Power, which I can’t wait for you all to watch. Aside from that, I’ve recently directed my first fashion film for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, which focuses on Fashion Week.



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