Victoria Ponomarenko’s Inspiring Journey

Model: Victoria Ponomarenko @_lucky_victory
Photographer: Yuliia Bondarieva @junabondareva
Stylist: Irina Yakimchuk @irena_yakymchuk
MUAH: Natalia Eni @nataly.muaparis
Production: Elledgy Media Group @elledgy.mediagroup
Producer: Elvira Gavrilova @elviragavrilova_official
PR: Olga Ivanova @olgaivvanovva
Dresses: @semenenko.for.women
Fur coat: Milady @milady.officiel 

Tell us about your journey from growing up in an entrepreneurial environment to launching your own businesses at a young age. 
I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and started earning “grades” in school from an early age. When I was 6, I dreamed of having a camera. I also played the accordion and by the age of 9, I had won 7 competitions with cash prizes. That’s how I achieved my first financial goal.

Transitioning from entrepreneurship to modeling is a significant change. How did you manage such a career shift, and what challenges did you face?

I read a lot of books, continuously upgrade my knowledge, and expand my consciousness as I possess unconventional thinking. I think beyond the norms and stay ahead of them. I’ve learned not to get upset over small things. If I don’t achieve everything I want in the modeling business, I won’t be discouraged. But I know that failure is not an option!