The Colors of Sound

A New Album of young musical and fashion rising star JINGJING HAN – Roberta explores Identity, Music, and the Power of Colors

Executive Fashion Director: Vermouth Liu @mr.vxx
Digital Director: Austin Li
Artist: JINGJING HAN @jingjing_robertahan
Artist Coordinator:Gareth 
Photographer:Jialing Hoo 
Make-up artist:Freya 
Hair Stylist:GuZiXin @salsa studio
Styling Team: Gareth
Art Designer:JING JING HAN
PR: Jorge Duva @jorgeduva

You study biology, but you’re also fashion-conscious. Do you see any connection between fashion and nature? Might we see a bit of nature reflected in your music videos or stage design?

Absolutely, I am huge bio nerd and so would want to stay sensitive to the connections between the two. Camouflage is a great example linking illusion and protection using our powerful tool of color. I love trying different colors of hair as a highlight of my look or represent my interpretation of what I am shooting today. I think what makes nature so powerful is the indescribable beauty behind it. I often think it is amazing that how much “inspiration” is around us, and so be alert of what’s around us is very important. I am preparing my album currently and at this stage, I don’t want to give it away too much haha but it is an album about colors. Stay tuned!