Jana Dužanec is the founder and sole owner of Jana Nails, a fast-growing cosmetics brand from Croatia. Known for top-notch quality and stylish designs, JN products are highly sought after and respected by professionals. At Jana Nails, creating a welcoming environment for passionate nail artists is always a top priority. This brand is dedicated to fostering originality, creativity, luxury, and ensuring success for all who choose to be a part of their beauty family .   

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Jana Nails is one of the leading nail brands, renowned for its luxurious Beauty and Spa lines that captivate all lovers of makeup and royal cosmetics, followed by well-known JN gadgets. Immerse yourself in the superior quality of this premium brand, surrender to the experience, and witness why this brand has become a timeless beauty favorite. #lovejananails

As Jana refined her skills, she started providing training courses, transforming her life into a journey centered around brushes, nail paints, and ongoing personal and community growth

Jana is profoundly grateful to her team, as well as to her customers, who are a true reflection of their success. 

Jana states, “I consider Jana Nails to be the result of a collective project and teamwork. I firmly believe that success hinges not only on the quality of our products but primarily on the satisfaction of our customers. To me, this is the true gauge of how successful both my idea and the efforts of the entire team are. It brings me great satisfaction to see the brand resonate across a wide spectrum of generations, and each collection is truly timeless. I am immensely pleased because we've managed to create something that can bring a sense of joy to everyone. Moreover, it's important to me to be involved in the entire production process from start to finish. I enjoy personally selecting the final look and always strive to offer the highest possible product quality, innovative product design, and overall create something according to my own taste. We continuously strive to create something interesting and new, something different from the rest. I'm grateful to everyone who has recognized all of this within our brand, to all who follow us, and who provide us with immense support and encouragement.”

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