Ines Trocchia is a well-known model in the sports and lifestyle sectors, a television presenter, and a social media influencer.

Model: Ines Trocchia @inestrocchia 
Photo: Lika brutyan @ulikula 
Style: Jennifer Fein @jennifer.fein 
Hair: Bryan Gaw @bryangaw 
Makeup : lupe moreno @lupemoreno_mua
Production: Heaven digital  

With a spark of ambition ignited in Naples, southern Italy, in December 1994, Ines Trocchia has never been one to settle for a single path. Though her initial studies leaned towards the scientific, a flame for the artistic, literary, and philosophical burned brightly within her. This inherent creativity, coupled with an undeniable pull towards the world of fashion and entertainment, has propelled her on a remarkable journey that continues to unfold.

When did you get into modeling career? 

Inès Trocchia: My first modeling experience started very small and sweet. It was very close to my hometown for local couture. I was 17 years old and very excited to know what could happen next.